Customized Skis from XQZT.

Not just out of the box

Each pair of skis is unique, handcrafted to your personal specifications.

Tailored to your needs

Our expert advice can help you create the perfect ride.

Stand out

Our skis are a real eye-catcher – admiring views are guaranteed.

Carbon neutral

We offset all CO2 emissions generated in the production process.

Great Designs

Choose between different wood veneers or graphics by award-winning local artists.

Made in Tyrol

Our skis are designed in Tyrol, handcrafted at the entry to the Ötztal valley and tested in the Tyrolean Alps.

Customize your Ski

Every aspect of our skis can be specifically tailored to your needs.

Tell us your body size, body weight, riding style, favored terrain and personal preferences and we adjust the shape; camber; stiffness & flex; materials; and graphics to your needs. We are looking forward to discuss the customization options in detail with you.

  • Shape
  • Camber
  • Stiffness
  • Material
  • Design


Length, tip-width, mid-width and tail-width are adjusted to your needs. The shape influences the radius and the flotation.


  • Picture above: narrow radius, less flotation
  • Picture below: wide radius, more flotation


Traditional Camber:

A traditional camber (> 5mm) with a classical tip & tail provides maximal edge hold on hard surfaces and demand an active driver.

Camber with Tip & Tail Rocker:

A Camber underfoot and a tip & tail rocker promote flotation in soft snow, yet still provide good edge hold on hard surfaces.


Zero Camber with Tip and Tail Rocker:

Zero Camber Skis (0 – 2 mm) exhibit an extraordinary round flex and provide a surfy, natural floating in powder.

Reverse Camber:

Reverse Camber skis are the most playful and best ones in deep powder.

Stiffness & Flex

The stiffness refers to the overall bend of the ski and the flex refers to the bend of the tip & tail compared to the underfood section. We customize the stiffness & flex with respect to the riders weight and riding style.

Round flex:

A round flex provides an excellent edge hold and a predictable turn.


Soft Tip:

More flex in the tip provides tip float in powder and the relatively stiffer tail maintains stability at higher speeds.


Soft Tip & Tail:

More flex in the tip & tail sections make the ski very floaty and maneuverable in powder.



We use the best materials available for all our skis, and are continually developing new and environmentally friendly alternatives. Contact us to discuss the many possibilities.material

Topsheet Designs

You can choose between different wood veeners or sublimated graphics by award-winning local artists.

We are currently working on designs with artwork by Jessie Pitt. www.jessiepitt.com

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